Welcome to Universe of The Rush's Edge

An Amazon Editor’s Pick for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy List – November 2020!

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The Rush’s Edge

Halvor Cullen, a genetically-engineered and technology implanted ex-solider, doesn’t see himself as a hero. After getting out of the service, all he’s interested in is chasing the adrenaline rush that his body was designed to crave. Hal knows he won’t live long anyway; vat soldiers like him are designed to die early or will be burnt out from relentlessly seeking the rush. His best friend and former CO, Tyce, is determined not to let that happen and distracts him by work salvaging crashed ships in the Edge.

But after a new crewmember – hacker-turned-tecker, Vivi – joins their band of misfits, they find a sphere that downloads an alien presence into their ship…Multiple clashes with the military force Hal and his crew to choose sides. The battle they fight will determine the fate of vats and natural-borns throughout the galaxy. Will they join the movement against the Coalition? What has invaded their ship’s computer? And can there be a real future for a vat with an expiration date?

It’s published by the amazing Angry Robot Books, and if you’ve never checked them out, you should!

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